ICOL is a not-for-profit UK organisation that networks schools, communities and individuals with digital classroom resources for curriculum development and lifelong-learning.  Its purpose is to help turn the United Nation's 2030 Agenda, aimed at living sustainably, into local action plans for the benefit of future generations.



ICOL has developed from the 1992 response of teachers in Wales to Agenda 21. which was the UN's global action plan for living sustainably lnto the 21st century. Their project was entitled SCAN, the Schools and Communities Agenda 21 Netwwork, cordinated by the National Museum of Wales at Cardiff.


ICOL's aim is to introduce the UN's current 2030 Agenda into learning environments with a portfolio of free, customisable digital resources that can be added to by organisations and individuals.  The resources use cultural ecology as a cross-subject knoowledge framework to make action plans for living sustainably. 


ICOL has grown with grants from the European Community, UK Government Agencies and Commercial Organisations

It is now managed by a family trust as a portfolio of Google docs to kick-start the creation and use of on line classrooms as learning centres to help meet the UN's objectives to benefit future generations. 

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ICOL has adopted the project 'Rescue Mission' as the model for networking international class rooms on line'

Rescue Mission was a response of young people after the Rio Environment Summit to establish a global demcracy of youth  to meet the UN's Agenda 21 targets. 


Tales of Our Forest .  See under Resources tab



In preparation.

Routes and Roots  

Routes and Roots (RANDR) is an international online deep learning resource for comparative geographical studies.  It opens up national, regional and local pathways to meet the goals of the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda, which is aimed at improving the lives of people everywhere with no one left behind.

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